• Perioperative Home

    Practical Application of an Innovative Initiative

    The surgical home is a widely discussed but rarely implemented concept in the healthcare industry. The TelePREOP platform is designed specifically to engage all parties of the perioperative process to promote coordination of care for the patient.
  • Outsourced Nursing

    Cornerstone of the TelePREOP Service

    Healthcare facilities and practices looking to streamline their bottom line while maintaining or improving the level of service with their patients look only to engage the TelePREOP team. Our registered nurses are trained specifically on our platform and to accommodate the wide variety of workflows in the industry.
  • Near 100% Screening

    Reduce your case delays and cancellations

    The power of the TelePREOP service and platform is that we screen nearly all of your patients prior to the procedure. This effort ensures coordinated data flow from Labs, H&P, and clearances from Cardiac and Anesthesia.
  • Technology Infrastructure

    ePREOP serves as the backbone to our solution

    By leveraging an industry leader, we can engage all Hospital Information Systems that power your healthcare facilities without the overwhelming burden of implementation. The system is already deployed within our environments and allows you to decide to the level of integration thus reducing the time to implementation.
  • Features of TelePREOP

    Would you like to learn more?

    "Our practices encompass a wide range of anesthesia delivery sites. Each facility and system in which we work has varying degrees of infrastructure. With the use of TelePREOP as a backbone, we now can enhance and improve the delivery of patient care, outcomes and data procurement as well as improve the cost effectiveness of the full perioperative process."

    - Dr. Stan Plavin, CEO of Perioperative Management Services
    "TelePREOP is the future of medicine and we are proud to be a partner with TelePREOP to serve our clients. Our patients will be screened more efficiently to ultimately provide increased value to the hospitals and improved quality and satisfaction numbers from our patients. We have been pursuing a cost effective workflow to decrease our case cancellations and delays while discretely capturing all the patient’s histories and medical information. TelePREOP was the answer"

    - Dr. Shawn DeRemer, CEO of Anesthesia Associates Northwest

    TelePREOP is Powerful. Transformative. Innovative.

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    TelePREOP is the first and leading provider of telemedicine solutions suited to manage the complex workflows associated with the pre-surgical clinical environments. It is designed to streamline the process between surgeons, hospitals, ASCs, and anesthesia. TelePREOP employs and partners with industry leaders, and continues to set the precedent on centralized pre-surgical screening. 255 West Michigan Avenue
    Jackson, MI 49204
    Phone: (703) 772-8643